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16 People That Had To Lie For The Greater Good.

11 May 2017

We’re always told that lying is a horrible thing, but maybe sometimes it’s for the greater good? Below are 16 stories of ‘necessary’ lies. Check them out!

1. What a good dad…

“That my wife and I divorced because we “would be happier apart.” My kids have no idea that she was unfaithful”

2. Still in the closet…

“I don’t have a boyfriend because ‘I’m just really trying to focus on uni at the moment’ I don’t have a boyfriend because I like women.

3. The forgetful shopper

“Significant Other: ‘Were they out of [item that was on the list] at the grocery store?’ Me: ….’Yes'”

4. A protective mother

“My daughter’s father was too busy going to bars and dating to have time for her when she was young. I told her every week that he called me at work to say he’s been trying to get some time off to visit her but his boss was mean and made him work anyway. She’s 18 and still thinks he’s the hardest working man she’s ever met. They only saw each other once or twice a year until she was 13 but I would rather leave her with good memories”

5. Generous parents

“Whenever my parents ask me if I need money I tell them that I already have enough. I know for a fact that they don’t have enough to give to all of us children”

6. A small favor…

“No, I don’t mind picking you up from the airport”. I did mind. I just know I owed you a favor for breaking your Xbox”

7. The caring family tree

“Got admitted in a hospital due to my appendix. Didn’t even tell my mom what happened to me because lord knows she’ll bring the entire village to come and visit me. It’ll be like Thanksgiving. I enjoy the company but damn, mom! You don’t need to call the entire family tree to come and visit me”


“Mom: Do you watch porn?Me: No, EWWWW!” Surely the greatest live ever. And most common too.

9. A good big brother

“My little brother accidentally spilled coke on our family laptop and I managed to clean it up and save it by removing the keys and cleaning it. ESC key wouldn’t go back and I told my parents it hanged and I got angry (I have anger issues and it’s well known). Don’t regret a thing”

10. Water cooler banter

I lied to a colleague that I already have a baby while I do not have any, otherwise he would have eaten me up with the age old question of “When are you expecting the baby?”

11. Covering for a friend

“I told a teacher at my school that I was the only one ditching lessons. Sadly my friend walked round the corner at that exact moment and got himself caught as well. Didn’t really go down too well with the teacher!”

12. The lying barista

“I work as a barista at a large international coffee company. Rhymes with Bar Clucks. I am seen as one of the best customer service workers we have, because of my ability to connect with anyone. My secret: I tell 60-100 lies per shift. I am whoever the person at the drive thru needs me to be. I can make your errands a joy, by bullshitting a story from my childhood about the family game of ‘who can finish their section of the grocery list first,’ because you would rather hear that than about my brooding, abusive mother or my disturbed schizoaffective little sister. The customers love me. My coworkers love me. My boss puts a great deal of trust and responsibility on me. And it’s all because I have no problem lying, making up stories, and making a fool of myself in order to make other people happy. And (the biggest secret) it’s terrifically good fun”

13. A bad lie

“When I was growing up my mom used to line up all the children (I had three sisters) and spank us one at a time when someone did something to piss off my mother and no one would confess to it. Well one day a pack of gum went missing and my mom was livid. She proceeded to line us up and spank us. When she was approaching her third round of beatings, I could see the look of utter contempt on all our faces we had for each other for not confessing yet. Each one of us wanted to murder each other for not fessing up. I finally made up my mind and decided to bite the bullet and say that I took the gum. I got scolded and grounded by my mother and was an outcast by my siblings but the beating was at an end so everyone was relieved. It turns out that my dad took the pack of gum to work. Did I receive an apology from my mother or thanks from my siblings? No, I was told it is bad to lie”

14. Dead optimist

“That’s no problem, I can handle that, it’s OK” Just keep going, just keep going. But there actually is a problem! I’m a dead optimist!

15. He’ll thank her later

“I told my nephew that he had to take his fedora off for family pictures. I told him that it was blocking the light from getting to his face”

16. The overa-cheater

“I had to tell someone that his girlfriend was cheating on him, but I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that it actually with six other guys. I just said that ‘She’s cheating and I know.’ Details are best left spared in these cases I feel”

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16 People That Had To Lie For The Greater Good.
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