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16 Amazing Smart Functions Of Every Day Objects Which You Didn’t Knew

17 May 2020

Did you ever notice some weird function on some object that you recently have been using and you wonder what is it for? Whoever invented it, he probably thought to use it is some way, but no one got instructions on how to use it, so everyone use it incorrectly. There are so many little, genius functions on objects that we use on daily basis, that could improve your life and save your time and effort.

1. You need to charge your phone fast?

Turn on “airplane mode” to speed it up.

2. The pointer under your gas reservoir sign.

It points on which side of your car is the reservoir. Check it out next time!

3. You must’ve notices a little hole on airplane windows.

It is made for equalizing the pressure inside the cabin and outside.

4. Wine bottles have bending on bottom.

It ensures that packing of the beverage is stable.

5. Did you notice how Tic Tac containers have smart design?

On the lid there is dent that makes perfect place for single tic tac.

6. How to avoid accidents at gas stations?

With handles on top of the jets! They are placed on gas stations as means of caution , in case people accidentaly drive with jet still in reservoir. If that happens, they’ll simple unhook.

7. You’ve noticed plastic lids on top of drinks in fast food places?

They are designed for people to place their beverage on top of them.

8. You don’t know what to do with the stir spoon while cooking a meal?

Holes on handles of pots are used for you to place a spoon on them while cooking.

9. Maybe you’ve noticed dents on F and J keys on keyboard?

They are used for you to place your hands on keyboard faster without looking in the keyboard.

10. Holes on top of pencil lids are not used for ink to pour faster.

They are designed actually with a safety purpose. If child eats it and it gets stuck in its throat, the hole will make sure air flow trough it.

11. Your straw falls out of your can?

12. Plastic ring on top of bottles.

It prevents the drink to evaporate.

13. You want to get rid of corn that isn’t popped inside your popcorn bag?

Use the little gap on top of bag to pour out the corn and not get your tooth broke!

14. Did you know that Aspirin has another function besides curing headache?

Crush it and mix it with 3 liters of water and pour it on your plants to make them more healthy and strong!

15. Thats not all!

Make pasta from aspirin and water and rub it on your skin to treat sun burns.

16. You hate it when you get your hands salty and dirty while you try to eat chips?

There’s a fix! Push the bottom of the bag upwards, roll the edges, making a mini bowl from which everyone can take chips…or not!

Images source: fokuzz.com

16 Amazing Smart Functions Of Every Day Objects Which You Didn’t Knew
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