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These 11 Facts About Movie “Trainwreck” Will Amaze You

17 May 2020

The movie comedy Trainwreck got us with it’s charm and humor that was on the next level. It is really rewatchable and it seems like you just can’t get enough of it! So, because it’s such an awesome movie, we gathered some 11 not so well known facts about the movie:

One of the most hardest thing for Amy to do was cheerleading scene and for which she practiced with the cheerleaders for whole two months putting all her soul in it.

Amy’s real life father who did actually suffer from multiple sclerosis. It was hard decision for her to put that in the movie nut in the end she agreed because she think it would help other kids who are in the same situation as she.

Amy thought that her boss should be “Tilda Swindon” type character. So, the director Judd Apatow after hearing that decided to ask Tilda Swindon for the role and she did it!

The sex scene between John Cena and Amy is actually done by his double, not him. He was not the man in the bed!

The key thing which motivated the director Judd Apatow to make the movie was after he heard of Amy doing an interview with Howard Stern. He was amazed by her humor and her funny personality. He was shocked that she could even make him laugh while talking about her father’s illness.

Amy wrote the script by actually keeping Jude Apatow in mind. How about that?

Judd planned out a master plan and arranged the two to get to dinner together and hid himself doing a secret screen test because he was unsure how Bill and Amy would actually interact.

The scene where Bill describes his first kiss is actually a story in his real life. It was really how his first kiss looked like!

This photo is actually from the movie Trainwreck. It had nothing to do with Harry Potter. He found it extremely funny.

Character of Brie Larson is actually based on Amy’s real life sister. That is why she fights with her so much in the movie and it was actually hardest to shoot.

Amy wanted LeBron James in the movie at all costs so she included the kind of Tom Ford suit James would be wearing in the movie, which she thought would convince him to be in the movie. Guess what happened?

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These 11 Facts About Movie “Trainwreck” Will Amaze You
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